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Pay family and friends with DFCUPay.

Welcome to DFCUPay, a person-to-person payment service that offers a fast, easy and secure way to send and receive money to just about anyone, DFCU member or not. All you need is your recipient's email or phone number. 

Going to lunch with co-workers and “forgot” your wallet? DFCUPay saves the day! Pay them back from the table with just a few clicks. Need to repay your sister for the coffee she bought last week? With DFCUPay, getting her back is a snap.

It's easy to enroll:

  1. Give us a call at 888.336.2700 to activate DFCUPay within DFCU Online.
  2. To start sending, log into DFCU Online or the DFCU mobile app and select DFCUPay from the Transactions menu.
  3. The first time you use DFCUPay, you'll click Enroll, read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, add your debit card information and click Continue. 
  4. Every time after that it's as easy as click, pay...and you're done.
The best part? It's free to members through DFCU Online. Call us and enroll today!

1. Log into DFCU Online and select DFCUPay in the Transactions menu. 
2. Click Enroll.
3. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. 
4. Enter your DFCU Financial debit card number and expiration date.
5. Click Continue. (You'll only need to enroll once to start using DFCUPay.)
6. Enter the recipient's name and either mobile number or email address. 
7. Enter the amount you want to send then click Continue.
8. Review the information to make sure it's correct, then click Continue. 
9. Enter your debit card PIN*,then click Submit.
10. You'll receive a confirmation email when your payment is sent. The recipient will receive a link to collect the payment. 
11. Your money has been sent!

*The PIN pad will scramble after every number selection. 
DFCUPay is a free service offered to our members through DFCU Online. 
1. Access the link you were sent via text message or email. 
2. Enter your first and last name. 
3. Enter your debit card number and expiration date.*
4. Click on the box to accept the terms of service. 
5. Click deposit payment. 

*You can also enter your Account Number and Routing Number to collect funds. 
Members with an active DFCU checking account and debit card may use DFCUPay. Registering for DFCUPay is easy! Just go to our enrollment page, accept the Terms and Conditions and enter your debit card information, and you're all set to send and receive money with DFCUPay. 

The first time you use DFCUPay, you'll enroll, and every time after that it's as easy as click, pay...and you're done. 
You can send money to almost anyone with a U.S. bank account, DFCU member or not. All you need is the recipient's email or phone number. The recipient then has 10 calendar days to accept the transaction before it is automatically cancelled and the funds are returned to the sender's account on the 11th calendar day. 
The card PIN is required because the transaction is just like using your debit card at a merchant. The PIN pad scrambles after each number entered to keep you and your transaction secure. 

If you have entered your PIN wrong twice in a row when using DFCUPay, that debit card will be locked and disabled for 24 hours. DFCU Financial is unable to unlock or enable that card during that period (you are still able to use your debit card for purchases during this lockout period). If you have another DFCU debit card, you may use that card with DFCUPay. 
If the recipient sees an error message it may mean their card doesn't accept P2P payments. Alternatively, the recipient can enter their routing number and account number to accept the funds via ACH. This process can take up to three business days.
Yes! Members may enroll one or all of their DFCU debit cards. To add multiple cards:

1. Log into DFCU Online. Click on Transactions, DFCUPay and then Manage Cards. 
2. Click on Add a Card and enter in your debit card information requested. 
3. Review the Terms and Conditions. 
4. Done!

If you want to get rid of a card in DFCUPay, simply click on the trashcan icon next to the card. 
*Not all financial institutions allow their debit cards to accept person-to-person transactions. If a debit card is not eligible to receive the funds through this process, ACH can be used as an alternative. If ACH is used as the alternative, the funds can take up to three business days to be deposited. 

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While the DFCU Financial Board of Directors intends to pay Cash Back every year, and has done so since 2007, Cash Back is not guaranteed and will depend on our financial performance and other factors. Annual Cash Back payments are limited to an aggregate of $25,000 for each tax-reported owner. The IRS requires that Cash Back for an IRA be paid to the same IRA, and that it be open when Cash Back is deposited. Cash Back to Business Banking members is subject to additional terms. Anyone who causes DFCU Financial a loss for any reason is not eligible for Cash Back.